makes war comprehensible

Based on my senior thesis at Princeton, this timeline conglomerates all opposition interactions across two years. It showcases the tangled, non-linear narrative of the Syrian opposition, allowing the viewer to detect behavior patterns visually. The opposition groups are color-coded based on Islamic extremism. Crucially, by separating opposition groups based on province, the visual allows you to focus both locally and nationally to have an in-depth understanding of the complexity of the armed opposition.

warmer colors signify more extreme opposition groups, cooler colors signify groups the U.S. would prefer

This concentration of events occuring within Harakat Hazm, including assassinations and clashes, is an example of a larger pattern of JN (Jabhat al-Nusra) aggressively attacking U.S. aid recipients.

This concentration of clashes between the U.S.-supported SRF (Syrian Revolutionaries Front) and Jabhat al-Nusra, also supports the pattern of JN aggression against U.S. aid recipients.