baltimore inequality is real

Bang sex-ed zine

timeline of the syrian armed opposition


lao now

catch 22

kitchen sink


vic liu designs with

she also nerds out on type,

such as in this typecon REVIVAL project

wants to talk about the hard stuff,

like Baltimore inequality

destigmatizes masturbation,

by designing BANG, a sex-ed zine for all genders and genitalia

makes war comprehensible,

by making a non-linear timeline to analyze the fragmentation of the Syrian opposition

makes art approachable,

by making a card game called collection

connects Lao tradition with an American present,

through her work with Legacies of War, a non-profit that works to extricate unexploded ordnance from Laos

designs with a love of reading,

and thus tried to encapsulate a scene of Catch-22 in an accordian book.

and makes a lot of random stuff on the side.